Custom Modal Component

Easy method for creating a modal, instead of building them manually.

  • Nelson Abalos Jr
  • Jan 6 2017
  • Reviewed
  • TRUE commented
    24 Nov, 2021 08:14am

    YES – that's really needed. And something that's keyboard navigable. Modals are so common and doing it custom coded all the time is a pain that shouldn't be

  • Marketing commented
    21 Jan, 2021 08:24pm

    If wix can figure it out you guys can too.

  • Jonathan Haring commented
    5 Dec, 2020 12:03am

    Definite need now more than ever! From an accessibility standpoint modals are impossible without extensive custom coding, making them extremely complex to manage over time. I get requests for modals from clients almost weekly now -- many from businesses that are opened up to potential legal liability if their websites aren't accessible and WCAG 2.0 compliant. Would be incredibly useful, time-saving, money saving (for clients) and accessible-friendly to have a compliant component for this!

  • Maverick commented
    2 Dec, 2019 08:48am

    I'd like this too. 

  • Alex Yates commented
    28 Jan, 2019 11:07am

    I'd love it if you could design a CMS modal template in the same way you currently have CMS collection page templates. 

    That way, when you click a link it would populate the modal with info from the CMS.

    At present, to do this i have to add a separate collection list to each modal, which means i bump into the limit of 20 collection lists per page. It also means that every time i want to add/delete something from the modal, i have to go through them one by one making the change... 

  • Noah Raskin commented
    27 Dec, 2017 02:59pm

    This won't be necessary once they allow you to copy/paste with cross site compatibility. What I mean is you could create one or however many (with different styles and animations) and then all you'd have to do is paste the one you copied into the new site?

    So you could build however many of your own elements or "Blocks" and use them on any site that you want.

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    24 Feb, 2017 06:46pm

    Big need for me as well. Feel like this is a given, but also needs ability to use cookies to not open again if the visitor comes back to the site later. 

  • Anand Soni commented
    10 Feb, 2017 08:32pm

    +3. For me its most wanted thing. 

  • Lee Fuhr commented
    10 Feb, 2017 08:05pm

    Fwiw, here's the lightbox I painstakingly manually built (with some JS injected to handle toggling the scrollable base/background/body – another piece that should be handled by Webflow) on


    Dangit, the on-close animation isn't working. Anywho. I'd love this feature. 

  • John Heeter commented
    19 Jan, 2017 06:38am

    This oversight is surprising to me.

  • Ed Bini commented
    18 Jan, 2017 08:34am

    Love modals! I would even be happy with a way to save my own modals and use them across different projects.  Styling them is fun in Webflow!

  • Timothy Noah commented
    18 Jan, 2017 01:06am

    Much needed feature! Like Rowan I have created so any over the past 2 years :D.

  • Rowan Hartsuiker commented
    17 Jan, 2017 08:54pm

    Another of my most-wanted. I create modals every day. Getting frustrated by them! But at least I'm probably one of the most skilled modal designers out there, lol! We need this for SURE!

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