Different email settings for different forms

Right now all forms on the site have to have the same Form Notification Settings, so you can't customize Form Notification Settings for each individual form.

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Jan 11 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Josh Unger commented
    25 Aug 12:04am

    Please add this functionality.

  • Lawson commented
    24 Aug 08:40pm

    Would love to see this

  • Brianna Morris commented
    22 Jul 06:12pm

    We'd love to see this issue solved! The "hacks" and "zaps" we have to do to make this happen for our clients adds an extra hour+ of time to setup - something that should take 30 seconds.

  • Grant Senior commented
    22 Jul 03:16am

    Webflow! Please please please sort this out before you offer up any more funky, groovy, cool thing. This is a simple, basic need that has been lacking for way too long now. We don't want to have to use a hack get around or a third party integration approach. We want Webflow to handle it out of the box. Been on the list since 2017...

  • Christoffer Furnes commented
    1 Jun 06:46am

    Hack: In Webflow form settings, set the [[form name]] in the subject field. Set up a free Gmail account. In Gmail settings, set up automatic forwarding to different emails based on the Webflow form names in the subject field.

  • Darrin Moir commented
    25 May 08:47pm

    Take this off backlog ASAP. Customers have very specific form tracking they're trying to do with employment submissions vs. customer inquiries. We're trying to sell the Webflow platform for all of it's customizability and then we mumble our replies on how we can't even offer them the ability to send different forms to different emails. Pretty embarrassing. See Amy Blackletter's response below.

  • Elton Gregory commented
    20 May 02:52am

    Yes please, this would be awesome. I keep getting work where the client needs this feature, and I'd prefer not to use external plugins.

  • Mario Benedetti commented
    6 May 09:23am

    my god! how can this NOT be possible! pleeeeeeease... :-)

  • Kristin Moses commented
    23 Mar 04:54pm

    Please Webflow we beg of you!

  • Louis Hickman commented
    22 Mar 09:30pm

    This would be fantastic!

  • Bente Bak commented
    17 Mar 11:32am

    Yes, I need this! This way I can quickly see what type of interaction my customer had, which is crucial.

  • Amy Blacketter commented
    11 Mar 04:56pm

    Honestly this lack of settings has made me drop Webflow as a CMS for our agency. It is extremely frustrating and 9/10 clients don't want their contact forms to go to the same place as their career forms. How has this not been added!!

  • Laura commented
    25 Feb 08:53am

    Ohh...I actually understand the frustration in the comments here. This is very basic stuff. The email should be directly in the forms, not in the project settings.

    Over 4 years now with more than 1.400 votes. Really?

  • John Hyland commented
    22 Feb 03:02pm

    I understand using outside tools for more complex functionality like membership, data integration, etc. but sending a confirmation email to a submitter isn't one of those. Tough to see this go unanswered and untouched for 4 years.

  • Bruno Bürgi commented
    22 Feb 07:34am

    I 1421'th than!

    (with 4 years in the making, now, must be a hell of a solution coming out!)

  • Jeff Spicer commented
    17 Feb 06:26pm

    I concur with all the below. Add this, please!

  • Grant Senior commented
    16 Feb 03:49am

    I've commented here a few times. I am still waiting for this basic feature. It's been on the list since 2017. That's 100,000 paying customers that are not happy I'd say.

  • Wesley Cimmarrusti commented
    9 Feb 09:43pm

    Please add this!

  • Eric Vardakis commented
    3 Feb 03:05pm

    Please Add ASAP!!! 🙏🏼

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