Different email settings for different forms

Right now all forms on the site have to have the same Form Notification Settings, so you can't customize Form Notification Settings for each individual form.

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Jan 11 2017
  • In backlog
  • Humanatronix Media commented
    18 Sep 22:01

    Why is this still not a priority item.

  • JM Kriz commented
    02 Sep 17:37

    Just checking in almost four years later to make sure this basic request is still being ignored. Yep.

  • Tyler Donahue commented
    01 Sep 18:42

    How is this still NOT a thing... wtf

  • Mathew French commented
    01 Sep 11:17

    Been excitedly looking at Webflow as an alternative to WP for client work and love the platform, but just came across this limitation and 100% will not be suggesting Webflow for clients until this is implemented, shouldn't have to use some messy workaround or 3rd party embedded forms just to get around it.

  • Daniel Gremmer commented
    16 Aug 07:57

    Please do it, webflow...

  • Keith commented
    15 Aug 08:18

    ability to control what to send in those emails would be nice too.

  • Jordan Stambaugh commented
    05 Aug 20:59

    Just added my vote to this....

  • Abisheg Elijah commented
    29 Jul 00:54

    For those tired of waiting, you can use Vimkit's free tool and Hubspot's free CRM to customize email notifications settings for forms on your Webflow site.

    Step 1: Create a free Vimkit account:


    Step 2: Create a free Hubspot CRM Account: https://app.hubspot.com/signup/crm/step/user-info

    Step 3: Create a Hubspot form that matches your Webflow form: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/forms/create-forms

    Step 4: Customize the email notifications on the Hubspot form: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/forms/set-up-your-form-submission-notifications

    Step 5: Use Vimkit's free tool to connect your Hubspot form to your Webflow form:


    That's it! You're all set. No limits on how many forms, submissions or email recipients you can use with this approach. Enjoy :)

  • Dennis Schwarz commented
    26 Jul 09:52


  • Pexel Brains commented
    24 Jul 16:59

    It's very important and all clients are reqesting this feature.

    Please work on this asap.


  • Derek Entrekin commented
    22 Jul 22:58


  • Simon Fletcher commented
    24 Jun 14:40

    You could look at a third-party forms-as-a-service type solution for this. Something like StaticForms can integrate with Webflow forms and send email notifications to different addresses for different forms (or even multiple addresses for a form).

    It also integrates with things like Mailchimp, Capsule CRM, EmailOctopus and Buttondown so you can add contacts directly to mailing lists, newsletters or CRM systems.

  • Insights Marketing LLC commented
    18 Jun 05:14

    Yes, multiple forms to multiple email addresses is a must for some clients. Is something I'm seeing more and more. Webflow ALMOST has the perfect web building platform. This feature would make it the top in my opinion.

  • Carrie Monescalchi commented
    12 Jun 18:36

    This would be extremely useful to be able to have multiple forms with different purposes on your site.

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    30 May 02:57

    Yes thanks - eg job apps forms to HR, contact form to admin. Essential for all small medium businesses

  • Stu Smith commented
    28 May 06:01

    My vote is for conditional recipients based on a subject dropdown value allowing easy routing to companies with multiple departments.

  • Kristian Blond Møller commented
    26 May 08:13

    Sucks to run into this problem after developing two forms... Isn't this a pretty simple fix? There's alot of use-cases for this, and the lack of this feature could really be the reason that people choose other solutions... If time wasn't an issue on my current project, I would look for something else...

  • Tanya Sillitti commented
    25 May 21:11

    How on earth is this still not a thing??

  • Luke commented
    25 May 09:32

    Not having this feature is making me rethink the use of Webflow in my business.

  • Nicholas Toth commented
    22 Apr 18:31

    Such a useful feature. Not everyone in a company should get all emails.

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