Different email settings for different forms

Right now all forms on the site have to have the same Form Notification Settings, so you can't customize Form Notification Settings for each individual form.

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Jan 11 2017
  • Reviewed
Logic / Forms
  • Rob Pizzica commented
    17 Jun 06:30pm

    This is extremely important especially for larger corporations and businesses. We are having an issue with a large client now for this single issue. Will have to figure out how to do so in Zapier in the meantime. But should be native functionality!

  • Patrick Caire commented
    16 Jun 11:41am

    Yep, really would like this feature to be implemented now, it's way overdue. My client also asked for this the day before launch and was very unpleasantly surprised to find out it's not possible.

  • Juris Digial commented
    2 Jun 06:31pm

    How is this not possible yet?!

  • Matt Olsen commented
    11 May 08:34pm

    +1 -- How many pounds of coffee do we need to send your way?? :)

  • Heather Woods commented
    11 May 06:01pm

    Please prioritize this!

  • Michael Mamich commented
    11 May 05:52pm

    Please add this functionality :)

  • Tim Feldman commented
    5 May 01:28am

    We need this function badly. Many of our current sites have multiple forms with different purposes, subjects, emails, etc. Moving over to Webflow this will be a major block.

  • Jason Mayhew commented
    26 Apr 02:43pm

    can we get some kind of timeline for completing this? Ridiculous it isnt already an option

  • Joe Mason commented
    21 Apr 07:56am

    Yep. Defo need this. A once happy client, about to go live but a small request to have forms going to different email addresses has spoilt 6mnths worth of work! Im really shocked TBH. Had such a good experience with Webflow so far. Can believe this isnt possibe.

  • Kyle Davies commented
    20 Apr 11:21pm

    bumping this

  • Alex Dixon commented
    14 Apr 12:12pm

    This really does need to be prioritised, especially for when working with larger businesses that have multiple teams that interact with the website.

  • Daniel Kedinger commented
    11 Apr 06:56pm

    So tired of this issue. Constant battle with our clients.

  • INAGREAT commented
    6 Apr 04:37pm

    You guys are really slacking here! 😡

  • Neil Newnham commented
    30 Mar 09:19am

    How is this still not a thing?! It's 2022!!!!!!

  • Corinna commented
    16 Mar 11:43am

    We need this option urgently.

  • Joshua Novak commented
    15 Mar 08:56pm

    Looking to buy webflow. And this single issue is going to make me not be able to use their platform. Which is super sad because everything else is incredible for the most part haha.

  • Kostadin St commented
    4 Mar 05:41am

    This is holding our company back - we would like to send our support and sales forms to different emails. Very frustrating

  • Marketing GRiT commented
    11 Feb 02:39pm

    Please, do it! :D

  • Maybaum Film commented
    24 Jan 02:05pm


  • Eric commented
    11 Dec, 2021 06:04pm

    I am noticing that you still can't send different forms to different email addresses and it looks as if this has been a problem for a very long time.

    I have a huge client that I am building their new site in WF. Now the biggest issue I have with this is, they have different locations in different States. So I need certain forms to go to certain email addresses. Obviously the staff in one State/location don't want to be bothered with the staffs email from a different State/location. I shouldn't have to setup gmail redirects or a zap to send forms to different places.

    Webflow, this is a website for a company a business. Obviously certain forms have to go to certain email addresses. Even Adobe Muse you could do this in...LOL.. Please help with this, I am trying to launch this site the early part of this coming year and the stakeholders of this company will not be impressed if I can't make this happen.

    Thank you and happy Holidays.

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