Import HTML/CSS into Webflow

Import an existing site, or existing code, into the Weblflow Designer.

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  • Dec 16 2016
  • Jan 24, 2017

    Admin response

    Everyone codes their HTML/CSS differently so it would be very difficult to implement this. We're going to be focusing on making the creation of websites easier from the get-go. Note: Importing CMS content is separate and already planned. Leave your feedback below if you additional thoughts. 

  • Carl Hagbjörk commented
    25 Oct, 2022 02:04pm

    Not being able to import   in text, phone, rich-text collection fields is extremeley annoying.

    I tried to follow google's style guides for telephone number formats which says to use non-breaking-spaces but Webflow won't allow me to import our 1500 phone numbers that way. It sucks.

  • Will Richman commented
    19 Oct, 2022 03:26am

    Please allow import of site to webflow!

  • Nathan Weber commented
    18 May, 2022 04:41am

    This is the reason I followed the ad. The ability to visualize my code through your system has a pull for me. I thought that would set it apart from other editors. This just looks like another editor to me.

  • Michael Urwin commented
    21 Jan, 2022 12:07am

    "everyone coding their HTML/CSS differently" shouldnt have anything to do with importing it.

    If the basis of webflow is you are directly editing code, but using a visual tool to do it, then it shouldnt matter. Webflow would show the page as the HTML/CSS displays it and then we manipulate it with the tools like we always have.
    Unless webflow DOESNT actually maniuplate code directly like it claims to do.

  • Henrik Vendelbo commented
    16 Jan, 2022 04:44pm

    I'm puzzled by this conclusion. Why can't you import static pages? I have two profile pages that I need to bring over. I've put a full working week into them in the past. Why do I have to redo that work?

  • Robin Fisher commented
    15 Oct, 2020 08:30pm

    I have been a hand-coder for over 20 years and love the potential for your platform. I would love to have a robust alternative to WordPress, which is heavy and buggy and insecure.

    Why not create your own framework and require all imported code to conform to it? There are several good ones in play currently that incorporate the best of both CSS Grid and Flexbox: or I haven't worked with Pure but Teutonic allows theming. I don't recommend Bootstrap. It's kind of div soup, not very clean code. You need to use something that coders like - that is clean, compliant, and performant.

    I would switch from WordPress in a heartbeat if you offered something like this. I am already selling static page website/WordPress blog hybrid builds to clients - inherently more secure and super-fast load times. Plus, much cheaper to maintain. The only issue with this approach is upversioning jQuery and other js libraries. But you could probably figure out a js "plugin" system similar to WordPress plugins that would enable upversioning.

    I hope you will consider this idea. Thanks!

  • Team Kalibra commented
    15 Oct, 2020 12:34pm

    This will be gold for folks who are migrating. Killer feature! Go for it, Webflow team! Listen to the people :P

  • Skyler Reeves commented
    4 Oct, 2020 01:25pm

    This is the primary reason why I'm continuing to use WordPress and considering Duda since it seems to do everything Webflow does but also allows me to access to the code.

  • Rob MacLean commented
    13 Jul, 2020 08:03pm

    This would be a great feature especially to get up and running for an existing site.

  • Luca G. Soave commented
    4 Jul, 2020 09:09am

    +1 - Absolutely add this.

    AI now, can help filtering "bad practices CSS" imports eventually. With AI you can possibly "normalize" the imported template to output a webflow well framed CSS.

    Then the sky's the limit for Agencies guys (and for the rest of us too)!

  • Walker Harman commented
    23 Jun, 2020 05:57pm

    Please add this feature. It would give developers a lot more flexability.

  • Nicolas duclos commented
    10 May, 2020 02:06pm

    would be easier for people who already coded a part of their website.

  • Sean Mcclure commented
    15 Feb, 2020 11:46am

    If this is truly too difficult for webflow to implement, we can help. This feature should be in webflow. It's silly for it not to be

  • Milosz Herman commented
    21 Jan, 2020 10:25am

    that is a missing feature. I mean importing custom HTML. Other platforms allow to do this. I think it should not be very diffiucult. Designers just should be aware that the HTML/CSS must be prepared according to standards. To sum it up. It is the only feature that lowers the commercial value of webflow significantly. 

  • Bryan Falla commented
    2 Jan, 2020 03:27am

    Then at least let us manipulate it. It's so limiting not being able to isolate elements. 

  • Michael Frysztacki commented
    16 Jun, 2019 08:10pm

    Voting, awesome feature request.

  • Max Pauwels commented
    2 Mar, 2019 04:09am

    Honnestly, I was very excited when I first discovered Webflow, but I think that they took the wrong approach as it is really only directed towards designers.

    The truth is that if you know basic html, css, sass etc..., you can custom code any website 10x faster then with Webflow because you will be using css libraries such as Bootstrap in order to build your website and change the design. 

    "Web designers" will design a website from scratch in something like XS to get every detail right, however, people like me, that actually build websites and apps won't actually create every single class from scratch. 

    Much of the features are absolutely amazing like the included hosting, the built-in CMS, the flexibility, etc... But in my opinion, if Webflow would actually more focus on people that build websites, apps or agencies then their audience would be way bigger. 

    Again, I was super excited when I first found out about Webflow and we were planning on implementing it as a standard solution in our agency for our customers but ended going back to our old tools since Webflow simply takes much more time then all the other ways of building websites. 

    A few ideas from our agency: (We also build websites for our clients and need a fast and flexible way to do this):

    • Import CSS libraries into Webflow 

    • Have a different way of building websites and implementing Themes. (At the moment, there are quite a lot of themes, but none of them actually make sense. A theme should be a way of building a website fast, however, I found that it's actually easier to start from scratch than to use one of the themes and try to change it up). 

    •Look at Shopify, for example, The reason why so many people use Shopify (also people that don't code) is that it is extremely fast and easy to do. This results in Shopify being accessible to a huge market. Tons of agencies and freelancer web developers will also use it because they can get something going extremely quickly. And I personally think that, for our clients, building with Shopify and having access to the code for CSS changes is a much smoother way than building with Webflow. 



    Conclusion: Webflow is not directed to the right crowd as it is specifically built for designers. In my opinion: People that want to build a website, people that know how to code, etc... (Which I believe could be Webflow's biggest market) end up going back to the old tools that they are using since they get a way faster workflow and better looking up website. 


    Such a shame since we could really use a website building platform that offers features such as a built-in CMS, hosting, direct client editing, etc... All in one! 

  • Tyler Kemp commented
    4 Jan, 2019 06:00pm

    Even if this could get a project CLOSE to the original, it'd still be a great feature.

  • Julian Ranny commented
    2 Nov, 2018 07:20pm

    This would be next level for webflow and understandably very tough. To get started, it would be great to have a possible guideline for web developers to be able to code by, so designers on webflow and developers will be able to co-exist through webflow.

  • David Dove commented
    9 Apr, 2018 06:17pm

    This would be a great idea

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