Versioning for Webflow Projects

Add versioning for Webflow projects.  Deploy, and make small edits to a specific project version, while working on larger changes to an upcoming version.

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  • Jan 6 2017
  • Altos commented
    9 Jun, 2022 02:17pm

    In app version / branching would be fantastic.


    Client asks for a complete new homepage hero with slider but wants to approve it's layout and images, you make the new hero and stage it for review. Before it's approved they ask you to update a few lines of copy on the about us page and push them live.

    Now if you publish, your new hero changes are also published.

    I know there are workarounds, but having a built in solution would be very nice.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2022 09:31pm

    You can use GitHub version control in combination of Stacket:

  • Garry Howard commented
    3 Mar, 2021 09:36am

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  • Jim OConnell commented
    3 Dec, 2020 03:40pm

    Would like the ability to update individual pages without publishing the whole site. For example, if you're redesigning a section and the need arises to fix a small typo on a different page, you have to hold off on the typo until the redesigned section is ready.

  • Plan A commented
    6 Aug, 2020 05:39pm

    just do an option like 'disable new publishing of this page', so the page isn't taken in bulk exports / publishings

  • Plan A commented
    6 Aug, 2020 05:36pm

    This is a must-have !

  • Marco Cornacchia commented
    13 May, 2020 04:06pm


  • James Watsson commented
    30 Mar, 2020 08:19pm

    Cool. i love the way you shared was so smart way was.

  • Alex Walse commented
    23 Feb, 2020 04:19pm

    Great idea... keep up the good work, Greetings from Booksrush

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    21 Jan, 2017 12:43am

    I need this right now actually. Would be wonderful :-) 

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