Cross site copy/paste

Copying and pasting elements (with content, styles, interactions, etc.) between Webflow projects.  Making it easier to use work you've already done to build new sites faster!

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  • Dec 13 2016
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  • Apr 17, 2018

    Admin response


    Copying and pasting between projects is now available - check out announcement blog post for all the details.

  • Marcello Violini commented
    21 Jul, 2022 11:25am


  • Roman Vinogradov commented
    18 May, 2020 02:55pm


  • Chetan Chouhan commented
    13 Mar, 2020 11:37pm

    would change everything for me!

  • Joe Hohman commented
    18 Apr, 2018 01:01pm

    Guys, thank you *SO MUCH* for this!  I tried it yesterday on a navbar/menu combo and it worked absolutely flawlessly.  This is going to save our team a ton of time.  Great job!

  • Andreas Toth commented
    17 Apr, 2018 11:54pm

    Thank you for listening to your users. Awesome stuff!!!


    Thank you very much.


  • Raul Luque commented
    17 Apr, 2018 01:53pm

    This is GREAT!!!!


  • Joshua Leonor commented
    17 Apr, 2018 01:38pm

    Amazing! Thank you!

  • Linda Murphy-Ericsson commented
    17 Apr, 2018 01:14pm

    Just shipped! I cannot tell you how much I love you guys right now.

    Awesome work. Thanks :)

  • Stefan Nolte commented
    9 Apr, 2018 09:38am

    Would love to be also part of the beta tester group as I need this feature urgently :) Many thanks!

  • Tarah Castleberry commented
    4 Apr, 2018 01:31pm

    Any news on when this is being released? Beyond ready to put this feature to use!

  • Seán Marsh commented
    3 Apr, 2018 12:18am

    This is so awesome!

    I'm currently working on some new builds for major clients and the ability to work outside their environment and then paste in when ready would be SOOOOO helpful :-)

  • Matthew Brown commented
    25 Mar, 2018 11:23pm

    Is this live yet? how do I become part of the beta group?

  • Codigo Creative commented
    10 Mar, 2018 01:49pm

    Its almost the middle of March... When will this feature be released?? I can't wait!!! 

  • Dan Toro commented
    9 Mar, 2018 03:28pm

    When in March are you planning to launch this update?!

  • Kane Baker commented
    7 Mar, 2018 05:10am

    Suspense is killing me! Could really use this right now :D

  • Daniel Canup commented
    1 Mar, 2018 11:53pm

    Are we talking the end of March of the Middle...L.O.L. PLEASE GUYS!!!! I have like 5 use cases for this as of Right Now! :) 

  • Vangelis trikoupis commented
    1 Mar, 2018 08:49am

    any news? can we beta test?

  • Winston Struye commented
    27 Feb, 2018 06:19pm

    Can't wait till this comes out!

  • Teresa commented
    19 Feb, 2018 06:53am

    So excited for this! Will make designing from scratch so much faster. :)

  • Noah Raskin commented
    10 Feb, 2018 02:13am

    SOOOOOOO AWESOME! Thank you guys so much!

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