Password protection for individual pages and folders

Specify password protection for sites, sections of a site, and pages.

  • Jason Zucchetto
  • Dec 13 2016
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  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    February 17, 2017 05:30

    Daniel, you are able to go directly to the link if you have recently logged in with correct credentials. If you haven't logged in recently then you won't be able to access the URL. 

  • Daniel Canup commented
    January 19, 2017 22:04

    Okay, so I discovered a huge problem/limitation with this password protection thing. It works phenomenally as it is, however, the issue I have found with it is that you can go directly to the link and bypass the login system altogether. Again I love how it works currently but you should create some sort of session within the process so this direct URL linking can be eliminated. Thanks! :)

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