Paginate Collection Lists

Currently, all pagination is manually done. Add functionality to dynamically paginate Collection Lists, formerly Dynamic List, based on custom number of items per page/view.

  • Barrett Johnson
  • Dec 13 2016
  • Shipped
  • Dec 18, 2018

    Admin response

    Pagination is now live. Check out our announcement blog post for details on how it works and what's included in today's release.

  • Artik commented
    6 Sep, 2021 09:50am
    Hey guys ! do you know how take parent folder in cms page. because i want to make slug like abc/def/ghi, but there are no features like static page for slug with parent folder etc...
  • Kelly Knowles commented
    3 Apr, 2019 11:52pm


  • Evgeniy Belchev commented
    26 Feb, 2019 10:15am

    Different pagination style would be much better. E.g. 10 pages links etc

    Ajax loading would be appreciated

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    31 Dec, 2018 06:27pm

    This is great, but for some reason I thought it was launching with page numbers and the ability to navigate from, for example, one full blog post to the next from that page. Is this coming next?

  • Chris MacDonald commented
    19 Dec, 2018 09:45am


  • Nathan Steele commented
    18 Dec, 2018 06:31pm

    Awesome guys!! Thank you!

    This was at the top of my Christmas wish list for sure. I would rather have "previous" and "next" than not at all...that said showing pages numbers would be awesome! Even better, not having to wait over 2 years to get it...I kid, sort of.

    Again, thank you Webflow!

  • Pete Alexander commented
    18 Dec, 2018 03:20pm

    Awesome progress, though now I'm going to be a pain and tell you what I'm still missing. I'd like to being to add "next" and "back" buttons for collection pages. So for example, if someone is on a project page, I want the user to be able to click a button to be able to view next and previous projects per an order I specify (using a particular field).

    Different from this, I can expect wanting to have the option to display the current page number and other page numbers (google search style) - though this is less important to me at this time.

  • Daniela S. Nassetti commented
    18 Dec, 2018 01:24pm


  • Matthew Daines commented
    14 Dec, 2018 03:10pm

    All I want for Christmas is THIS.

  • David Head commented
    13 Dec, 2018 10:20pm

    Would love this

  • Orhan Ajredinovski commented
    7 Dec, 2018 02:54am

    Hey y'all, any updates?

  • Kev Berot commented
    7 Dec, 2018 02:10am

    The pagination and/or infinite scroll would be great! 

  • Jimmy Fransson commented
    2 Dec, 2018 11:50am

    I really need this feature for several clients!

  • Rodi commented
    2 Dec, 2018 07:44am

    What is for now the status on this?

  • Nathan Steele commented
    2 Dec, 2018 04:26am

    Honestly, "Are we there yet?," like a 5 year old kid on a very long car ride is what I want to say. Just throw us a bone...say where we are...what we can expect...something. It's been almost 3 months since we last heard from you guys. Don't get me wrong. Webflow is a an amazing tool, but it's not fair to keep us holding our breath for such a basic essential feature (more like a big bug...can't have a real cms without real pagination)...we've spent long enough playing it cool. I'm going to keep taking clients to Wix (especially, since they recently opened themselves to custom development and are cheaper) and Wordpress until this pagination get's worked out...just an FYI. 

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    27 Nov, 2018 12:50am

    Also checking in on this. For my most recent project in need of this (in addition to many past), I need a way to have previous and next buttons to navigate from one case study to the next. I explained to my client the reference workaround (where you reference the same collection and they would choose a study to be next/prev) and they were quite displeased. This really should be automated.

  • Georgi Todorov commented
    18 Nov, 2018 03:22pm

    Any update on this?

    I have a huge blog underway and it will be a joke without pagination or infinite scrolling. Bet it would be useful for ecommerce too.

  • Mandy Movahhed commented
    16 Nov, 2018 09:00pm

    Hey guys, any updates here? Pagination would also help a lot with SEO discoverability and make things much easier!

  • Ed Bini commented
    13 Nov, 2018 08:01am

    This really has to happen now..

  • William Wong commented
    12 Nov, 2018 06:27pm

    @admin been 90+ days since last update - any word from the team on this (i.e. testing, QA, etc)?

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