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Easily add search functionality to a Webflow site.  Allow a Webflow user to add a search box and results page (with the option to style each), automatically index and make the site searchable.

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  • Jan 11 2017
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  • Jan 9, 2018

    Admin response

    01/09/18: Site search has now launched: check out the feature page to learn more.

    11/30/17: Site search is now in beta. Find out more in our release notes.

    Once you've experimented with search, leave us your feedback.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jun, 2020 12:29pm

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  • Hürkan Gökkaya commented
    8 Jun, 2020 03:18pm

    Please develop pagination option:
    "Support for pagination across multiple search results pages is not yet available."

  • Emin Muzaffar commented
    11 Sep, 2019 07:44am

    We need really this!!!!! 

  • Vangelis trikoupis commented
    1 Mar, 2018 08:58am

    How can we search for fields? For example have filters to help query from 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom places, cities etc

  • HELPY Media commented
    9 Jan, 2018 05:50pm

    Almost a year after, it's finally here!! I'm so happy, it's a good take on Wordpress! Just integrated the search feature on a blog I build last year, so useful:

  • Andrew Maccoll commented
    8 Jan, 2018 10:31pm

    So good! Thanks guys this is wonderful news

  • Phuong Nguyen commented
    2 Dec, 2017 04:32am

    Great! I've been waiting for this for so long. Thank you, Webflow!

  • Norbert Weiss commented
    1 Dec, 2017 11:54am

    Excluding CMS data does not work although "Exclude these pages from site search results" has been set before the index was created.

    Or is the index always created using the settings of the site after publishing?

  • Norbert Weiss commented
    1 Dec, 2017 11:47am

    Used it immediately. Works in general. But:

    Shows CMS data it shouldn't, since "exclude these pages from site search results" is checked on CMS collecation page template. However this is from a CMS collection that is no longer used and has been renamed afterwards. So I deleted all records, which should solve this wich next indexing.

    Search Results Thumbnails are not shown. CMS Example: on the template page a search image is set. An image is placed in the search results utilities page and set to using "search image" as source. The image got a grey background and a border in HTML so it should be visible when even empty. Empty images are visible in page preview, but no images are shown when search is done on published site - as the image would be invisible.

  • Luke Dorny commented
    30 Nov, 2017 08:34pm


  • Harald Vogl commented
    30 Nov, 2017 04:05pm

    Can't believe it. It's here.

    Sooo GREAT GREAT GREAT. LOVE Webflow more than ever.

  • Oliver Curting commented
    26 Nov, 2017 11:03am

    My clients often request search functionality for their "About us"-page. When they have +20 employees it would be nice to find the right one by searching by name or title (collection data). Please make this available soon. It's almost been a year since the request was made :O)

    All the best.

  • Tom Rauscher commented
    25 Nov, 2017 06:24pm

    I’ve been reading all the forum posts and updates about this feature - but haven’t seen anyone commenting on how it would work with Pagination. Wouldn’t these two features go hand in hand?? I saw that pagination was mentioned in the 6/8 update. By how come one of these features is “In Development” and the other is still just “Planned”? How can you have search results without pagination?

  • Jason Rose commented
    22 Nov, 2017 04:23pm

    Update - see this thread - “Search is in private beta with select customers now. We will be reaching out to Webflow Experts and more users to get feedback and test the product on a rolling basis”

  • Toby MacLeod commented
    15 Nov, 2017 02:31pm

    Any update from the Webflow team on Search Functionality would be great. Even if it won't be ready for a while, keeping us Webflow users in the loop can help set expectations as we plan projects and debate which platforms to use. We've got a big opportunity to do a site redesign, but we need search (don't want to hack it together with 3rd party solutions). We won't be starting the project until Feb 2018 but we need to decide within the next couple weeks which platform we'll be using - WordPress or Webflow. Can any Webflow staff provide an update?

  • Kevin Hon commented
    12 Nov, 2017 03:12am

    Any news on this function?

  • Daniel Canup commented
    9 Nov, 2017 09:54am

    Is this the next big release?

  • Charlie Bailey commented
    2 Nov, 2017 06:47pm

    Hey guys - I've built search into my site for free using Algolia. If you're desperate for a solution whilst this is in development then I've stuck together a quick guide here: 

  • Jeremy Jensen commented
    2 Nov, 2017 12:46am

    You guys are killing me here. So many opportunities fall through to the wayside because I can't use Webflow CMS to it's fully potential with a search and custom filter functionality. Wix Code just dropped and Webflow is now looking like last years iPhone. 

  • James Stanbridge commented
    27 Oct, 2017 02:54am

    I also think it's time for an update from the time for this core-level functionality.


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