Dynamic Text Replacement

A way to use dynamic text replacement in Webflow. I want to use queries in the UTM/URL so I can create dynamic landing pages based on my adwords campaigns.

For instance, it’d be nice if users coming from a campaign that specifically mentions some city, see some mention to that city in my H1. Some other CMSs call this “Dynamic Text Replacement”, but I’m not sure if there aren’t some other way to call this feature.

I’m aware that I can get similar results through CMS colletions, but that would require using multiple URLs in my ads, meaning more complication and confusion. What I really want is a single page using UTM queries to fill out its content.
  • Mateus Pinho
  • Nov 23 2017
  • Bernard Bontemps commented
    16 Oct, 2019 10:13pm

    Please this is the only point to jump full webflow!

  • Tamas Szabo commented
    14 Sep, 2018 11:11pm

    Hi, there is an online tool called TagHacker that can dynamically replace any content (text or anything) on your page based on the visitors keyword / keyword group. It works with any website, including a Webflow one. https://www.taghacker.com/?taghacker=g2990 I hope this helps.

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