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Dynamic Filtering and Sorting Merged

Webflow is a fantastic tool, since i have a background as a developer i do miss some very important things regarding the CMS and that is filtering and sorting. I can do so many things in webflow but i'm getting stuck when i want to do some program like functions.

1. I realy need to be able to dynamic, in my website be able to change my filter options. Lets say i have a ecommerce web and i want the users to be able to switch their search criteria from one product group to another (groups in CMS) or add a sub category to the filter.

2. Im also missing the possibility to dynamic change my sorting. The end user might want to display CMS data in another order.

3, I would also like to se the possibility to build custom index/sorting options. With this function i would like to be able to compose my own index that contains of different fileds in a certain order.

  • Janne Wassberg
  • Nov 27 2017
  • Reviewed