One-click reset Collection List bindings

  1. Sometimes it's not possible to copy and paste a collection list from a page to another, or from a page to a template.
  2. Sometimes you need to duplicate a Collection list to use it / bind it to another Collection because the data are sensibly the same and you want to reuse your design work

For those use cases, and for when Webflow prevents you to do so because a Collection list must be free of all bindings before being able to re-bind it. It would be time-saving to be able to force such un-bindings. An option to break the purple lock, in other words.

Sometimes you've made some very intricate design work and the bindings are everywhere and it takes a long time to unbind everything, let alone identify where all the bindings are.

One click would be great.

  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Dec 5 2017
  • Trevor Whittingham commented
    March 26, 2018 21:10

    I would LOVE to see this functionality