HTML element import when creating a new page & CSS style manager import.

When creating a new page in the designer it would be nice to have the option of importing an HTML page (<body></body>) that webflow could parse and use as the starting point for the page. Additional imports would just wipe away the DOM tree for that page and start over with the new DOM imported.

This would allow a user to import custom HTML templates and speed up the visual creation of elements (batching element creation). In a sense, this would be a way for the user to quickly create a starting point for a page from structured HTML, that is transit.

Now, imagine if the user could also import CSS styles into the style manager that could affect the HTML elements imported into pages. Using these two features, a user could roughly go from nothing to a basic site in minutes from truly custom HTML and CSS, that is also transit.

  • Cody Lindley
  • Dec 5 2017
  • and 4 more