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Keep current interaction window open after toggling preview Merged

When building interactions I like to "Toggle Preview (eyeball icon)" to see the live preview of my interaction. The issue is that if I decide I want to make a tweak and toggle back into design view I have to click through my elements to get back to the element I was just building an interaction on to make a change. If that element is nested in multiple containers it can sometimes take many clicks to get back to the interaction I'm working on. Multiply that by making a lot of little tweaks to perfect the interaction and it gets to be a lot of clicking around. 

I wonder if the interaction window should stay where it is after toggling preview instead of automatically returning to the root level. The user can always re-click the interactions icon (which is the current tab) to get back to the root level of the interactions window. 

  • Loren Tracy
  • Dec 7 2017
  • Shipped