Better Export Options and Minified Code

With Control + O you can currently only choose to minify the HTML on Export, additionally:

1. The CSS code could be combined into one file and also minified, ideally it would export both a style.css and style.min.css file. Same for the JS file, in addition to the current minified file, export the unminified file too, but in the HTML link to the minified CSS and JS.

2. It would be great to have a toggle which allows Webflow to minify the Custom Code of all pages. This keeps it easy to edit the code unminified on Webflow and saves time after the export.

3. The option to export without the .html extension after all pages would remove the hassle of renaming all files and changing the links within them.

All in all this would just speed up many peoples Export workflow, upvote if you agree and let me know what you think!

  • Thilko Limbeck
  • Dec 14 2017
  • Chris Brummer commented
    4 Nov, 2018 10:44pm

    #1 needs to be added ASAP 

  • +9