Z-index Panel to view all your site's z-index's.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw another really simple feature to add. For efficiency, productivity and a higher level of organization.

Panel to view all your site's z-index's.

What's in the panel:
1. Stacking Order: To know your current stacking order.
2. Current Z-Indexes: View layer names that currently have a z-index attached.
3. Assignment: View the assigned position of that element. None, Relative, Absolute, Fixed.
4. Select: Ability to highlight/select a layer in the panel: Like a columned spreadsheet, to allow click in field and type or delete, Ability to change #, Ability to group indexes, Color code indexes in panel. Maybe only 10 colors, or use color picker and designers can choose.
5. Applied: Only applied to the current project, not all projects.
6. Connection: View what each element is relative to, showing why it's listed that way. After months in development, we sometimes forget why an z-index is even there.
7. The Location: Add on the left side under Assets.

Actually that left sidebar was a really smart move. The entire bar is perfect for all your future features. Just thought I would get involved with functionality that actually makes the product more effective. This follows the business plan as well, making productivity seamless and efficient.

Have a great day! See you later.
  • G.J. Hunter
  • Dec 18 2017