Longer dropdowns for style property settings and smarter selection for Transitions

We use the Transitions options all the time. The dropdown list is very short and you have to carefully scroll down inside of it looking for the right option. Most likely, you'll have to repeat that 2 or 3 times if you have a fine-tuned behavior (bg color, text color, Transform, for a button). Sometimes you'll have to do it more than that if you make subtle changes in shadows, borders etc.

1. To begin with, a longer list, completely unfolded, would be cool.
2. Being able to multi-select inside of it would be even cooler
3. And if the list was putting on top the Transitions you use the most, or the Transitions WF thinks you're going to use (like the ones you've actually styled for the selected element), it would be rad.

It doesn't have to be a long list like the new IX2 lists of animations presets. It could be a side sub-panel. Only custom easing curves use a side sub-panel in Webflow. That's unfortunate because I think this UI pattern works great and prevent lists to be too vertical.

I've attached an image.


This issue also concerns other dropdown lists such as the CSS Filters one.

  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Dec 22 2017