Increase static page limit


it would be great if you could raise the number of static pages for one site. 

My biggest customer has 4 pages left out of the 100 - and I don't know how I should tell him that we can't do more business due to the system I am using :(

So please consider increasing the number.

Many thanks

  • Denis Beinhauer
  • Jan 18 2017
  • D P commented
    September 27, 2017 22:33

    Seriously Webflow?! Why is this even in there? We are being punished if we don't use CMS. I did ask them to raise it and they wanted to charge me a silly amount extra (around 50% more) for wait for it, just 50 pages more and they wanted to charge PER site! If you had a couple of large sites or cloned a large site you'd soon be paying more than double the standard monthly charge (I'm on the top plan). And only offering 50 pages PER site, why not unlimited and why paying per site?! This is the only time I've ever felt Webflow were ripping me off, maybe suitable for large corporations, but surely there is a better way of taxing large users, why not just offer a higher level plan where all sites has unrestricted pages. Everything else seems fair to me, but this was cheeky and is unnecessarily restrictive. It stops you from having different test pages for review before consolidating.

  • Roberto commented
    January 13, 2018 11:57

    On my work webflow account I have to do a site in 6 different languages and I go well beyond 100 static pages.
    What does it cost you to increase the limit?
    This is an important limitation of webflow.
    I hope you will remove this limit.
    Thanks for everything!

  • Matthew Butler commented
    August 23, 2018 02:55

    Our biggest problem with Webflow is this. It's the only reason we would move all our businesses' from the platform. I don't see how we stay on Webflow unless this page limit is increased. It's such a pain as we love almost everything else about Webflow. But how can a mature company using Webflow as a CMS solution survive on just 100 pages! The CMS pages help, but can't be the answer. It's far too limiting for us.

  • Markus Iseli commented
    20 Feb 15:10

    Pleas i need more than 100 pages! I'm from switzerland and we have 3 languages to implement. On an actual project with a lot of products and overview sites (yes i use CMS already) and 3 languages i've been over 100 pages easely. I've tried it with less pages and Tabs but for linking its too complicated. I need this really urgent.

  • James Whitrow commented
    01 Mar 08:57

    I reached out to Webflow about this. Their response was very helpful and gives an insight as to why they have page limitations:

    Thank you also for your candid feedback! I can understand your feelings surrounding our page limits as compared to what our competitors offer. However, we have things set up this way so you can trust in your site to function properly, not slow down, and not have to worry about corruption.

    I reached out to one of our developers to learn even more about why we have these limits (because I'm curious too!), and he explained to me that part of our limitation here is related to how we export our sites. Currently all the assets and pages of a project are downloaded and zipped in the browser of the person using the Designer, so to increase the static page limit could greatly increase chances of instability, which isn't something we want to saddle our customers with.

    That doesn't mean our page limits won't ever change (this is why we have Wishlist items available to be voted on as it gives our developers an idea of what our customers would like to see us implement), but at the moment this is what we are limited to in terms of static pages.

    That said, there are ways to increase the page limit, and that is through the use of dynamic content, which are CMS items. For example, if you signed up for our Business site plan, you have a limit of up to 10,000 CMS items, which means, you could technically create 10,000 dynamic pages if you wished to do so. The CMS site plan you're currently using also allows up to 2000 items, so you could technically create 2000 dynamic pages with this plan, too.

    I know this may not be what you would like to hear, but this is the best answer to explain "why we do what we do."


    Hopefully this will change in future, but I feel perhaps using CMS to power large portions of your site may not be the end of the world.

  • Tom Harrington commented
    25 May 11:40

    please change this. At least add a unlimited page plan.

  • Tim Mac commented
    29 Jul 14:59

    this is a fatal flaw. Cripples any decent sized company from an SEO perspective because you can only have 100 urls off the main domain since every cms page has to be a 2nd level subdirectory. Please fix this limit ASAP or we will be forced to no longer host with you.