In addition to SSL certificates, it would be great if there was an option for EV SSL certificates, which offer the highest available levels of trust and authentication for websites.

  • Clay Morrison
  • Jan 26 2018
  • Dennis Winter commented
    February 06, 2018 10:47

    Its crucial for the website of my agency to have a EV SSL certificate displaying our company name. If I can't integrate this, I'll be forced to move our website off the webflow hosting.

  • Index commented
    February 21, 2018 13:19

    Even more so with the planned E-commerce support https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/OTHER-I-3

  • Dennis Winter commented
    April 05, 2018 14:50

    Thanks John for pointing that out. Until now the clients of the freelancers using Webflow have not really needed it. But with the planned E-commerce support are going to come a lot more customers needing EV Certificates

  • Papa Sasha commented
    July 04, 2018 11:27

    This option is also really important for me and my future projects, especially for e-commerce ones.

  • Stephen Bazley commented
    13 Mar 03:24

    It is important for trust building, even if the site isn't a shop.

  • Ops Team commented
    23 Jul 14:41

    We were able to implement this with AWS cloud front reverse proxy, but still have issues with redirects to webflow.website.tld when requests with trailing slashes come in. We're now looking into implementing a tool to process every request for trailing slashes and remove them...


    We'd really prefer an option to upload our own cert or to have an ev cert issued on our behalf.