Ability to change the publish / created date in a CMS item manually

Ability to change the publish / created date in a CMS item manually  - would be useful when migrating posts and content from old sites.

  • Diarmuid Sexton
  • Feb 8 2018
  • Anna Kelian commented
    February 09, 2018 11:06

    These dates are metadata created with your posts to let you know when the post was created/imported, published, modified in Webflow.

    Wouldn't creating new Date fields and binding those imported dates to the new/custom fields work for you?

    Can you provide an example of a use case where you believe you need to change the metadata and using a custom Date field would not work?

  • Diarmuid Sexton commented
    February 09, 2018 17:56

    Yes, a custom date field will work in all those cases. You're right - it's not really necessary!

  • Gustav Kjellin commented
    17 May 10:24

    I think I can provide a fairly valid use case, unless I'm missing something obvious:

    I'm building a site for a company that has an existing database of Press Releases. Each new Press Release after the new site will automatically get a "Created Date" when Zapier fetches it from an existing RSS-feed. This "Created Date" can then be used to sort and filter Press Releases.


    However, the existing database of Press Releases will all have the same "Created Date". Being able to change them to the original publish date would fix this.

  • Ashwin Kumar commented
    11 Jul 10:23

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  • Keira Buckley commented
    07 Oct 04:48

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