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Interactions 2.0 : Replacement Class improvements. Merged

Hello there,

I was thinking about 2 little tweaks that could really improve our workflow, and timing when assigning new classes to already existing interactions. Since sometime we just repeat interactions in between elements, it is also time consuming to replace manually dozens of similar classes for different interactions.

First proposition:
When selecting Replace with: Class = Keep active in the empty field below, the full class name that's already being used (including its combos), to speed up the search, or re-activation.

Second proposition:
When searching for other classes in the field below, keep on top of the list a segment that's shows the latest search history (max 3 is enough I think). In order for us when we do those re-activation over and over again, we do not have to go through the full list, the last we've used are already on highlighted.


  • Victor Brangolo
  • Feb 12 2018
  • Shipped