Optimize web font loading code to improve load time and Google Page Speed score

Hi, it would be great if Webflow could take the advice of the Google Page Speed tool and optimize the loading of certain assets, specifically web font loading snippets.

With some hand coded sites, I've seen significant improvements in page load time by optimizing font loading scripts, either by late loading them, or at least moving them out of the <head> of the page so they aren't render blocking.

Perhaps there could be a global site setting for initial display font (the one that gets displayed with the web font is loading) as well.

One of our Webflow developed sites is getting a 48 mobile page speed score, which as you probably know is not good.

The desktop site, where load time optimizations aren't as crititcal, gets an 82 score.



  • Evan McDaniel
  • Feb 15 2018
  • +20