Add features to the X-Ray mode to help spot elements with dynamic properties/content and elements bound to IX

Those infos don't necessary have to be shown at once. Like the Grid toggle that has more than 2 states, the X-Ray toggle could cycle between X-Ray, X-Ray CMS, X-Ray IX.

X-Ray CMS would use a purple overlay for elements with dynamic properties or content. A red overlay for Ecommerce items, green for IX… X-Ray mode would also highlight elements in the Navigator tab.

X-Ray IX would use:

  • the lighnting icon for elements with an IX trigger attached
  • a variant of that icon for elements targeted inside of an _element trigger_ IX
  • another variant for elements targeted inside of a _Page Trigger_ IX
  • another variant for elements used as triggers and targeted by a legacy IX
  • Vincent Bidaux
  • Feb 23 2018
  • and 2 more