Dynamic symbols - Allow CMS editors to predefined components into collection items

Often clients request they be able to add in a variety of layouts into blog article templates or standard type pages but we can only really give them single rich text fields or create an arbitrary number of rich text fields and hope they are enough.

We could meet a lot of their requests and provide a better them with better sites if we could define a set of symbols (or something other entity that is a predefined chunk of HTML/CSS/interactions) as insertable into dynamic items per dynamic collection by CMS editor users.

Basically I want some way of allowing CMS editors to have more flexible CMS page layouts and designs that are not dictated by field or collection sets.

  • Cael Prussian
  • Mar 8 2018
  • Sébastien Plisson commented
    4 Jan, 2023 12:24pm

    At the moment, CMSs like Dato, Contentful, and even Wordpress with Elementor appear more modern because they allow developers to create modular components for clients to easily add, fill in, and reorder on any page.

    In contrast, it takes a lot of time to customize collection pages in Webflow to create an interesting layout without having an excessively long form for the client to fill out.

    Additionally, if we want to create different layouts for a collection of articles, the form needs to be the same and offer all the possible choices, which can be limiting.

    As a result, I am starting to tell my clients that Webflow may not be the best choice for anything other than static websites or very simple blogs. It's sad because I really love the power that Webflow gave me as a designer.

  • Simple Raven commented
    23 Apr, 2020 03:12am


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