Allow editor user to enter ALT-text for images

Please give user access to chage both image and their ALT-text.

  • Erich Monteiro
  • Mar 9 2018
  • TRUE commented
    3 Feb 03:24pm

    Zero votes left for me. But this seems to be such a no-brainer: Of course editors need that kind of SEO control!!!

  • Jenevine Biscocho commented
    11 Nov, 2019 08:34pm

    We definitely need this. I've tried to workaround this by adding images to a Collection, but currently you're only allowed to have 20 Collections on a page and my homepage would exceed that! I hope Webflow has an update for us soon.

  • Michael Palana commented
    22 Apr, 2019 09:07pm

    Please please please!

  • Anthony Chan commented
    18 Oct, 2018 09:12pm

    Yes, this is important.

    Client’s work is now my work........

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