Allow editor user to enter ALT-text for images

Please give user access to chage both image and their ALT-text.

  • Erich Monteiro
  • Mar 9 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Josh Windatt commented
    29 Jun, 2023 12:25pm

    One of the big selling points of Webflow is the ease of use for the clients. Me having to dive in and change alt text is frustrating.

  • Matt Neve commented
    20 Jun, 2023 05:06pm

    Is this really 5 years old now. We have had a lot of clients asking for this recently as the world becomes more and more aware of SEO case and accessibility cases. I hope this is a light feature to be added any day now as its hard to tell a client they can't do this.

  • Robbin Jansen commented
    12 Jun, 2023 03:35pm

    Why is this not a feature?? This is an absolute MUST

  • Dayna commented
    17 May, 2023 12:55am


  • Webagentur Ol commented
    15 Apr, 2023 01:35pm

    Still nothing ?

  • Jeremy Bauman commented
    28 Mar, 2023 08:48pm

    WHAT!? how is this not a feature? Does webflow not care about helping makes sites accessible??

  • Webflow Agentur Oldenburg commented
    3 Mar, 2023 11:51am

    Please add this.

  • Jon Burdon commented
    10 Feb, 2023 10:10am

    Please please please implement this Webflow! This has been four years now and this is Essential for clients. Please explain why this is not implemented.

  • Whit Gurley commented
    8 Nov, 2022 07:34pm

    Really stunned to discover this missing. Come on, guys, this is critical.

  • Jeff Croot commented
    27 Oct, 2022 03:16am

    Hi Webflow is there an update on this? Really is something that's desperately needed, especially with the recent hosting price increases.

  • Carl Labanz commented
    24 Oct, 2022 03:18pm

    I'm constantly surprised by what's not possible through the client editor.

  • Brian Walker commented
    18 Aug, 2022 04:17am

    Considering Webflow's partner program grading rubric has a requirement for clear and useful alt tags, and out of all the rubric categories this has the highest score of 15% (all others 10 and under) I would have thought this was beyond the "reviewed" stage. Can you please allow our clients to edit alt tags on their websites? Not only do we all believe it is essential, so do you.

  • Brent commented
    7 Jul, 2022 03:11am

    This seems pretty critical to me!
    Currently the issue means once I launch a client website, they'll have to send any image changes to ME to update on their site, since alt text is essential. Bummer!

  • Inosida commented
    22 Apr, 2022 10:21am

    The lack of this feature is the only reason that we cannot host our clients sites on webflow. It's a shame that such a small thing makes the "editor" worthless for our clients. Just add the feature already...

  • Pablo Magana commented
    13 Jan, 2022 11:57am

    Any update from Webflow team on this issue?

  • Laplie Anderson commented
    3 Jun, 2021 09:37pm

    This feature was not "SHIPPED". That's a lie. The simplist use case is changing the alt text of a static image. That is not supported.

    Just because you can change the alt text of CMS images and rich text images doesn't mean this feature is supported.

  • Tom Rushworth commented
    13 May, 2021 03:31pm

    To add to this thread also, if I have an image on the site, with an alt tag set, and then in the editor update the image the alt tag gets removed. This is not good for site SEO.

  • Tom Rushworth commented
    13 May, 2021 03:27pm

    One of the big selling points of Webflow is the ease of use for the client to update content using the editor, without being able to create/update alt tags from the editor is a major set back. Please Webflow fix this issue I don't want my clients to want to use Wordpress any more!! This is basic CMS functionality from their point of view.

  • Jonathan Haring commented
    27 Jan, 2021 02:00am

    Mandatory for accessibility! Most of my clients don't use the designer and exclusively use the editor. Clients who need to replace non-collection images are struggling since certain accessibility standards are now legally risky or illegal (California/EU) and I'm having to manually make changes for them which isn't sustainable.

  • Steven Moseley commented
    11 Aug, 2020 12:49pm

    100% please add this, as others have said, this is now a designer task when it really should be an editor task.

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