Hosting renewal reminder

A reminder from Webflow that annual hosting was due for renewal for a project (say two weeks before hand then again a day beforehand) would be very useful. It would make it easier to remind clients.

  • David Nolan
  • Mar 19 2018
  • Kevin Holland commented
    13 Jan, 2020 07:53pm

    My client requests billing reminders similar to this use case although monthly. This would be similar to how Mint or other 3rd parties will send notices to remind me of bills I have on autopay about to be paid in x amount of days and the amount. 

    Jordan at Webflow has recommended I try right in box to achieve this. I'll come back and let you know how it went in 30 days.

  • Kyle Craven commented
    23 May, 2018 08:02pm

    This would help me massively

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