New CMS Fields: Section Header and Section Line

The option the add a section header or divider line to break up and organize long CMS item forms.

These act purely as visual breaks or instructions for clients to better understand the flow of information input. There would be nothing for the client to adjust with these fields because it's just a label and a line. 

Section Header: Similar to a description label for a field but stand-alone and emphasized by font size/weight.

Section Divider: Simply a 1px 100%w line to visual break up the form.

  • Matthew P Munger
  • Mar 22 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Horizon Workshops commented
    13 Sep, 2021 02:48am

    Absolutely, this would greatly improve my clients' experience while adding content.

  • Joseph Amato commented
    10 Sep, 2021 11:02pm


  • Mikhail Miroshnikov commented
    22 Jul, 2019 08:20am

    Hey! Just chimed in to add this request, came with a picture:

  • Sam Bauers commented
    6 Jun, 2019 11:07pm

    We have some pretty long CMS forms now that would benefit a lot from this enhancement.

    Even nicer would be labelled CMS field "groups" (perhaps even as tabbed sections of the form), but I'd settle for section headers and lines to simply break up the forms.

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