Replace jQuery with native Javascript

Our company and many others in our industry are moving away from jQuery in favour of native (ES5/6/7) javascript.

Other UI Kits such as UI Kit and others are also moving away from jQuery.

We use Webflow to build websites and also to design user interfaces that we then export to be used in a React or Angular application. Unfortunately we have to remove jQuery and create native versions of any Webflow components we use. 

  • Andy Neale
  • Mar 26 2018
  • Alex Bass commented
    28 Jun, 2023 07:10pm

    Super frustrating to see jQuery still a core dependency for Webflow components. It's such an out-of-date framework that native JavaScript fully supports out-of-the-box. To make it a dependency just seems ridiculous.

  • Adriano Resende commented
    21 Oct, 2022 12:33am

    With native javascript open new opportunities of features for us and Webflow.

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