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Webflow should be split in two parts. Part one: OFFLINE, FILE BASED EDITOR | Part two: Cloud services, hosting, CMS Merged

I love webflow ever since but I have noticed that my biggest frustrations when using webflow is because webflow is more and more targeted to people who want to design and host a website.

As a Screendesigner who uses Adobe XD or Affinity Designer I would want webflow to work more like those tools. I have to add a paid plan just to create a new "file" to test something or create a mockup. That's not the way it should work when webflow is targeted to screendesigners too.

Instead webflow should work as an offline desktop application that is FILE based and where I can easily create a new file and start designing. THEN I can choose to either hand over the design to the developers, OR export the html code and use it, OR, and this is where webflow should be split, add a hosting subscription.

This would make tools like Adobe XD useless since I can codesign (code + design) directly in webflow.

Also webflow should offer an inspect view where the developer can measure distances, sizes and properties of my webflow prototype.

  • Ulf Schuster
  • Mar 28 2018
  • Reviewed