Publish / Unpublish individual pages

I'd like to be able to un-publish individual pages, or at least prevent certain pages from being published.

A few scenarios I need this for:

  • When I begin creating a page, but need to make and publish changes to other pages in the meantime (and don't want my half-finished page/s publishing)
  • Pages I no longer want visible on the site (promotions, replaced content etc)
  • A/B Testing for marketing

Currently I'm preventing the pages being accessible by password protecting, and adding the nofollow/index meta to them, as they still appear on the sitemap.xml, even with password protection.

  • Dylan Johnston
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Apr 24, 2018

    Admin response

    Update 04/24/18:

    Hi! As of yesterday, we released the feature "Drafted pages" allowing you to draft static pages preventing it from being published to your live site. Learn more here

    Update 03/12/18:
    Hi Everyone! Though we haven't pushed out the ability to publish/unpublish individual static pages yet, we have added the ability to publish single CMS items. This will allow you to update these CMS pages without having to worry about any WIP changes in your project. Learn more here

  • OKAPI STUDIO commented
    18 Mar 08:09pm

    The issue was first mentioned in 2017 and we still can not benefit of this fundamental feature... Planning on fixing this?

  • Charles Bgr commented
    28 Nov, 2023 06:00pm


  • KINASTIC Marketing commented
    7 Nov, 2023 12:35pm

    I copied the page as a draft and deleted the original. Thats a way to keep the original page without it being published anymore. not very elegant but it worked for what i was trying to achieve: just removing some of the pages i dont longer want to have published.

  • Greg Cappello commented
    4 May, 2023 05:59pm

    Does anyone have a workaround for this? I would simply like to delete a page with the option to re-publish at some point and not trash it forever. Duplicate the whole site? Would I be able to later bring the page back in from a separate site, or no?

  • Jenny commented
    23 Mar, 2023 08:01pm

    Not having this fundamental capability is a major pain point right now...

  • Rory Braatvedt commented
    6 Mar, 2023 08:14pm

    We need this feature for static pages. When working on a new design for a core page of the website, I basically cannot publish ANY other changes made to ANY other pages except CMS... I have clients questioning if this is the right tool for the job.

  • Maggie Tagoe commented
    17 Jan, 2023 02:51am

    Really shocked that Webflow does not allow you to select which static pages to publish. What a disappointment. Please add this feature.

  • Jeff Couturier commented
    12 Oct, 2022 06:30pm

    As a dev, it's insane to me that this isn't a basic feature. What kind of mess is lurking under the hood that makes it this difficult to un-publish a static page?

  • Jimmy Cameron commented
    16 Sep, 2022 10:55am

    has this been resolved? Pathetic if not, seems like an easy fix and everyone clearly wants it.

  • Brian Aberle commented
    10 Jun, 2022 01:38am

    I'm not an expert web designer, but a business owner currently using Squarespace. Within Squarespace, I can take a single page, work on a draft for that page and bring it back online without blowing up the entire site. How is that not an option within Webflow still? Do visitors to the site get to watch us do live updates to the site pages while we're working on it? In 2022?

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    4 Jun, 2022 12:27am

    You're correct. This is available for CMS pages/items and not static pages. Reopened the idea.

  • Gareth Reynolds commented
    3 Jun, 2022 05:49am
    Shipped—Remove CMS content without publishing your entire site

    This is cool although it doesn't solve the original idea. The above only works for CMS content. The original idea is that it's on a per page level. You can publish one single page without publishing every page. This way you can work on updating multiple pages at the same time and not have to worry about other page updates going live half finished.

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    2 Jun, 2022 09:52pm
  • Studio DNVR commented
    1 Apr, 2022 09:15pm

    Regarding publishing individual pages instead of the entire site, this is what the Webflow support told me:

    "...At the moment, you aren't able to publish individual static pages on your Webflow project.

    This feature limitation is known by the team, though I agree that this could be an awesome feature to have in Webflow, I have no timeline to share at the moment as to when this will be possible. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause..."

  • Gareth Reynolds commented
    21 Mar, 2022 06:16pm

    Just to agree with people that say in reality the solution implemented for this particular request doesn't really solve the issue.

    The idea should be that when working on a project with multiple team members on a website with many pages, it should be possible to make changes to many live pages but only publish the updates for pages that are ready. Saving a page as a draft would take an already live page offline.

    By doing the above, this would allow you to make changes to other pages and not worry about them going live/being published before they are ready.

    Not necessarily directly related to this feature and can kind of be solved by using work arounds such as Git but would be good if there was just better version management in general. I feel this would benefit a lot of teams that are more than just one or two members.

  • Ben Schweitzer commented
    17 Mar, 2022 11:00pm

    The current implementation of this feature is not a viable solution for most users, especially businesses with teams. If the page I am drafting already exists on the live site, upon publishing, that draft page will disappear from your live site. I am drafting a new version of an existing page--it doesn't mean you remove the old live page.

  • CabbageApps commented
    14 Mar, 2022 05:36am

    ADMINS, any update on this?
    This is not shipped!

  • Angel Torres commented
    8 Mar, 2022 02:28pm

    Wow, is this really not being tackled yet? How is this marked shipped? - Admins please address.

  • Adamant commented
    28 Feb, 2022 05:54pm

    Crazy. Fix this.

  • Ruthy Lichtenstein commented
    9 Feb, 2022 06:40pm

    This is basics... ouch :/

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