Sound effects triggers with animations

remember the days of fancy flash website that had audio triggers all over menu and item hover animations?


it would be awesome to be able to add sounds to the animations so the website feels more like that . Like a movie.

  • Deyder Cintron
  • Apr 4 2018
  • Alexx Riot commented
    20 Apr 09:06am

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  • Rickey Sims commented
    2 Apr 04:53pm

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  • Watts Juanita commented
    9 Mar 03:50am


  • Jackie Bates commented
    18 Feb 02:09am

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  • John commented
    17 Feb 09:04am

    Yes - I'd love to trigger sounds.

    My background is in animation/motion design. Lotties, triggers, animation timelines etc in Webflow has opened up a world of opportunity, but it would be even more awesome if I could trigger an audio file, for instance, when a Lottie triggers it's playback.

  • Nicholas Toth commented
    6 Jan 12:03pm

    I look forward to the day the Webflow team releases this feature!

    Audio, by itself, when used judiciously, can take any website to the next level for visitors. The feature would also help cement Webflow's position as the best tool for producing great websites.

  • Dzwoneknatelefon commented
    6 Jan 09:27am

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  • Dzwoneknatelefon commented
    6 Jan 09:26am

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  • Artemis Bernice commented
    5 Oct, 2020 08:56am

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  • Ian William commented
    14 Jul, 2020 11:51am

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  • MASV Creative Studio commented
    16 Jun, 2020 07:18am

    bringing this back up lolz

  • Marcus Potter commented
    16 Mar, 2020 03:51pm

    Yes I would like to be able to play sounds in the timed interactions panel. e.g. as letters fade into view, a 'sound file' plays with each letter appearing.

  • Mike Tuminelly commented
    14 Jan, 2020 05:58pm

    Agreed, game changer

  • Salve Agency commented
    11 Jan, 2020 05:31pm

    Really need this.

  • Mark Murphy commented
    5 Dec, 2019 04:32pm

    Game changer when this happens.

  • Nikita Kuzmin commented
    18 Oct, 2019 09:53am

    Waiting for that

  • Stanislav commented
    31 Jul, 2018 11:40am

    Yeah! Will be great!

  • Andres Lopez galeano commented
    8 May, 2018 05:36am

    To get to add sound on the plataform, would allow for more creative inputs on brutalist websites on webflow. Love this tool! Hope this can be posible some day soon. 

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