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Change the URL of a collection which has been created! Merged

So after we've spent days building a pretty complex Collection with both various listlayouts and detail-layouts, we realize that the URL adress for the collection hans't been modified from start and it's not changeable.

Theres no other way for us to modify the URL...
1. We have to disconnect the Collection from all associated pages of which its implemented and referenced to
2. Remove the collection and all the work we've done.
3. Just to re-create it and modify the URL to our liking
4. Re-build everything again.

Theres several reasons to why you might want to change URL post creation/going-live.

I'm sure people out there have all felt this frustration before, and i would really like to add this to the wishlist.

Wishlist: Able to change the URL adress of a collection after it has been created.

  • John Wikerstål
  • Apr 4 2018
  • Shipped