Extra tab in showcase for the "Most Liked" project this week, month, year, all-time, ect.

With the regular updates being made to Webflow (which I love btw), there are times when something new is rolled out and I no longer know how to build certain elements. This is especially true with interactions. 

I know I can ask a question in the forums and get a quick response, but I also like to reverse engineer projects to see how things work. The problem with doing this within the showcase (as of now) is I need to organize by recent, go page by page and click on every project that has a fair amount of likes, clones and/or views to see if they built what I am looking to replicate. Alternatively, if I organize by 'most liked' or 'most viewed,' chances are they are using legacy interactions and outdated tools. 

Adding a tab to the 'most liked' tab to organize by most liked this week, month, year, ect, would greatly cut down the time it takes me to search for these types of projects. 

That's my 2 cents. 

  • Matthew Spilberg
  • Apr 4 2018