Global swatch support when pasting a class between projects

Currently, when copying and pasting classes that use Global Swatch colors between projects, Webflow simply converts the Global Swatch color into a 'normal' color value when pasting the class.

It could be nice to have Global Swatches pasted over as well.

There could potentially be a similar 'conflict resolution' behavior as is used with classes and interactions:

  1. Identify any existing Global Swatches with the same name in the destination site
  2. See if the colors are the same
  3. If SO, use the existing destination Global Swatch instead of creating a new one
  4. If NOT, add a new Global Swatch for the pasted color (with a name change, if needed)


If Webflow introduced the idea of updating/replacing existing name matches in the destination site (like discussed for classes here:, then we could do something similar to Global Swatches too if the colors didn't match but names did:  choose between adding a new Global Swatch, updating the existing one with a matching name, or using the existing one as-is.

  • Kyle Kilat
  • Apr 12 2018