Support exported forms


I've just switched from Adobe Muse to Webflow and I'm thrilled how great it is.

Nonetheless, every platform seems to lack some basic functionality in some way.

And in case of Webflow it looks like its forms with 3rd party hosting.

While working until now using the Webflow servers, I've read the GDPR-announcement today telling me that externally hosted forms are no longer supported and that you have to implement your own code.

Forms seem to be such a basic function - is it complicated to implement a solution for this?

Please support externally hosted forms without the need for manual coding!


P.S. If I got it wrong, please correct me...I'm using Webflow for 2 weeks now ;)

  • Tibor Gludovatz
  • Apr 12 2018
  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2022 09:09pm

    You can use externally forms with Stacket: and continue designing in Webflow.

  • Micheal Reno commented
    16 Aug, 2018 04:12am

    You don't need to code anything for forms to work on exported sites. We built this web app that lets you connect your Webflow forms to a backend which is identical in features to the one you're already using:

    All you need to do is add a single URL and use the POST method in your form, and that's done directly in Webflow.

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