Link to a specific slide in a slider

The webflow-slider is a powerful tool to organize lots of content in an easy way. The possibility to link to a specific slide in a slider would be great and would offer fluent interactions. Thanx!

  • Stefan Schildhauer
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Michael Dutton commented
    19 Jul, 2023 08:16am

    5 years waiting!

  • Akira Akira commented
    30 Dec, 2022 01:43pm

    I really wish this was possible!

  • Scott Jeffers commented
    18 Jan, 2022 10:29pm

    Would be really nice.

  • Andrés commented
    27 Oct, 2021 10:28am

    Please, this would be huge!

  • Diego de Sousa commented
    28 Dec, 2020 09:41pm

    We need a workaround for this. I can do it with Tabs but no with Slider. It's important to share the url with someone.

  • BJARNE x TAKATA commented
    19 Oct, 2020 03:55pm

    Yes need this badly

  • Malthe Beck commented
    24 Feb, 2020 04:47pm

    Would truely be awesome

  • Stagecast AB commented
    22 Jan, 2018 04:32pm

    This would be amazing:D

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