Allow collaborator to choose publish to live site or staging site

Allowing a collaborator to publish changes to the staging site would enable a public preview, similar to WordPress. A lot of my clients need to get stakeholder approval on changes before they are published. Currently, this is only possible when the designer publishes to the staging site. It would be nice to give collaborators this ability so the designer isn't bothered with such a small request, especially when the changes don't require the designer to get involved. I've had some clients complain that they don't have the freedom to do a public preview (for other people to review) in Webflow like you can in WordPress.

  • Tara Hoover
  • May 9 2018
  • Evan McDaniel commented
    7 Dec, 2021 04:55pm

    Yeah, this is a big problem for us. Hard to imagine this is intentional. Anyone from Webflow here to comment on this?

  • Jenevine Biscocho commented
    31 May, 2019 10:33pm

    Yes, this is absolutely needed! Our agency just recently started hosting sites through Webflow. We were under the impression that if a Collaborator edits and publishes the .io prototype, the changes would only be pushed to that environment. We found out the hard way that this isn't the case. 

  • Caroline Sober-James commented
    28 Jan, 2019 06:13pm

    This is a pretty important feature -- Editors need the ability to publish their changes to a safe staging site before pushing out to production. Please implement the same options in publishing targets for Collaborators as we have in the Designer.

  • Thomas Daly commented
    14 Jun, 2018 03:42pm

    This is critical for our workflow as well. In the Designer, we're able to publish to our staging environment, or our production environment, but our team mates who only use the Editor have a single Publish option, and quite often they innocently publish a small change without realizing they're publishing a massive chunk of work done in the design that was NOT yet ready for prime-time. 


    This is really really painful. 

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