Support the UTF-8 codes for Arabic so the URL for Arabic page will be written in Arabic

Dear Webflow Community,

I’m working on a page in English and Arabic and I want to maintain the URL for the Arabic pages in Arabic however when I create a collection in Arabic and copy the word in Arabic for the URL it changes to some letters with no meaning in English or in Arabic it happens the same in the collection page. 

The support team told me that right now Webflow supports the 26 letters of the English alphabet and 0 - 9 numbers. If Webflow supports the UTF-8 codes for Arabic and maybe other languages it will allow us to write the URL in the native language which is a good practice if you are doing a page in another alphabet.

In this article that Waldo sent to me explain the UTF-8 code in case you are curious about that 

Thank you

This is the website that I´m working right now 

  • Valentina Delfino
  • May 11 2018
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  • Shane Wong commented
    24 Dec, 2020 06:00pm

    Yes, I also need this feature as my websites are all in Thai characters. (See attached)

    Having this feature is very important for SEO - without which, it is a disadvantage.

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