Ability to lock a page settings panel so that it remains open

This applies to the five panel which can be toggled open / closed in the page settings, i.e:

  1. General
  2. SEO Settings
  3. Open Graph Settings
  4. Search Settings
  5. Custo Code

When I'm updating page settings (normally when I'm nearly finished a site), I'll normally do a lot of pages at once - or I'll do one final check to ensure that all the pages been configured correctly. However, each time I click into a different page I have to toggle open the relevant page setting panel which is annoying and time consuming - especially if there are lots of pages on the site.

I propose that the user should be able to click some lock symbol at the top of the relevant panel to lock that panel section open - this will lock this panel open for all pages - and then the user can unlock it so that it will close for all pages. 

The current situation is slow and not user friendly - especially on larger sites as I mentioned.

  • Diarmuid Sexton
  • May 16 2018
  • Reviewed