Support to Marvel App and Invision Embeded Prototypes

I'm creating my portfolio with Webflow and I wanna write case studies so for my will be great if I can embed my prototypes to create a better interaction of my design.

  • Salatiel Queiroz
  • May 22 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Arremz Tife commented
    7 Aug, 2021 07:42pm

    I just finished writing a case study on my webflow website portfolio and I really want to add an interactive prototype to my case study just to add icing on the cake it would be nice tohave

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2019 06:05am

    on the website marvelapp should not be necessery any more if we have this possibility juste the way 'webflow>showcase!' already works  .. but do I create this myself? Error for Webflow mobile version that you can NOT see the showcase smaller/responsive! for example

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2019 05:57am

    i also want that.. layout of a phone around my webapp.  so p'eople can say the website already from out my portfolio!  look to the Behance portfolio example   that for my should need to be an embed code from de webapp

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