Alternate Billing Payment Methods (Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin)

Many customers, especially in EU countries, do not have regular access to traditional credit card forms of payment.  Bank Giro/Wire Transfer, PayPal and BitCoin support would be awesome!

  • Dave Sloane
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Guillermo Dewey commented
    10 Sep 17:30

    80% of our customers because of the nature of our business do bank transffers. I am in love with webflow but we cannot consider the ecommerce solution with out bank transffer option.

  • Nexter commented
    07 Sep 09:53

    Sorry i am French 😅

    Can you please put the payment by authorization?


    A reservation for a hike that requires a minimum of 4 people to leave,

    The first 3 people then have an authorization which is created on their bank card and if a 4 people reserve then the authorizations are now payments and all the following people too 😉

    Also free of charge because it is super important for a company not to have any charges on this kind of thing otherwise the function falls apart

  • StackWorksDesign commented
    03 Sep 17:27

    I know they're crooks but how's PayPal not a supported payment method by now? :)

  • Stefan Jäger commented
    18 Aug 13:44

    TWINT - very important for Switzerland. We could sell so much more on the sites with this very popular mobile payment solution. Meanwhile its in almost every store or Swiss custom coded onlineshops. So Pleaaaaaaaaasssseeeeee :)

  • Тимофей Грицак commented
    13 Aug 16:14

    agree. but for a different reason. Stripe is not available in some countries.

  • Gabriel Irina commented
    10 Aug 12:26

    Stripe is not supported in Africa so a Bank Transfer or PayPal option for client billing would be awesome

  • Alejandro Gómez—cabrera commented
    07 Aug 13:12

    PayPal please, thanks.

  • Evan commented
    04 Aug 22:07

    Another vote for PayPal. Thank you.

  • Ula Lars commented
    31 Jul 15:22

    Please, add PayPal or bank transfer. I cannot complete the project for the client without it. In Europe it's no so common to use credit card as it is in US.

  • Mendel's Peas commented
    09 Jul 18:45

    Please add PayPal. It's very difficult for startup companies to get approved for a credit card, there are many hurdles.

  • Katia Krupchenko commented
    04 Jul 21:46

    Please add PayPal

  • Kalyan commented
    30 Jun 15:53

    This would be very helpfull for everyone so please support Paypal!!

  • Mika de Bruijn commented
    29 Jun 14:28

    Please, PayPal or IBAN. I have loads of clients lined up for Webflow, all not willing to pay with credit card tho...

  • Pixell Consulting commented
    29 Jun 13:05

    Omise please! One of the best payment platforms in Asia.

  • Mud commented
    25 Jun 20:27

    Add Pay Pal ...

  • Daan Visser commented
    25 Jun 13:13

    Yess please!

    Getting access to a simple online payment method such as PayPal would make life a lot easier:

    It's quite a pain to pay for a subscription, as most companies offer none or little accessible methods for Europe.


    Getting a creditcard is not very accessible over here (in NL).


    NL (/many European) banks do not support the same debit card systems.

    So even if a debit card method is available, it is probably not available in Europe/NL.


    Pre payed credit cards are quite a hassle to deal with:

    - Finding a pre payed creditcard platform that is available and getting it set up.

    - Not knowing if this card will be accepted until you try to pay for the service.

    - Having to do extra actions for each payment. Just to work around the absence of something that just works proper.

    - Dealing with extra administration of your yearly finances.

  • Andreas Jauss commented
    23 Jun 10:30

    I would love to use your hosting and e-commerce features, but I can not pay them with the same credit card I used for my membership. For that reason Paypal woul be a big help. I know many other guys that have similar issues, so you are loosing money, guys.

  • Hugleidys Ortega commented
    22 Jun 02:39

    Please! We need PayPal as paymenth method.

  • JubeeJoy commented
    19 Jun 00:21

    Cryptocurrency - For alternatives to fiat | Paypal - For non credit card users

  • Suhail Amar commented
    16 Jun 20:02

    Please add Paypal as a payment method. At least for annual payments.

    I've been following this topic on webflow on different threads since 2015.

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