Alternate Billing Payment Methods (Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin)

Many customers, especially in EU countries, do not have regular access to traditional credit card forms of payment.  Bank Giro/Wire Transfer, PayPal and BitCoin support would be awesome!

  • Dave Sloane
  • Jan 18 2017
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  • Kyle Gibson commented
    29 Mar 04:17pm

    native bitcoin payments desperately needed

  • Benjamin Buth commented
    27 Feb 07:02pm

    On every level this is needed!! In Ecommerce and payment for your site plans and workspace plans. Together with EU hosting other options then CC are needed for EU.

  • Daniel Gadus commented
    18 Feb 01:39pm

    I just purchased webflow and started building a webshop and found that it is not possible to accept orders because there is no alternative payment method like:

    1. Direct bank transfer

    2. Accept payments in person via checks

    3. Cash on delivery

      OMG :/ i must go back to WORDPRESS propably :(

  • Nortenho Design commented
    27 Dec, 2023 01:59pm

    It would be nice to be at least able to attach different cards to different projects. Some of us are hosting websites for clients, and having to pay for them and bill them later is a major hassle.

  • Qbridge Corporation commented
    13 Dec, 2023 09:17am

    It would be very good if bank transfer payment is available because in some countries they still prefer local bank transfer payment over Paypal or Stripe.

  • Kenny Makina commented
    4 Dec, 2023 08:47pm

    Five years into this topic and still no alternative payment methods.. I don't want to believe this is done intentional, but it's time to move my business to a platform that wants to accomodate all of its users, big or small, worldwide. Not just big US design agencies.

  • Pro Data GmbH commented
    10 Aug, 2023 07:40am

    We are having some trouble including our credit card - it would be less stressful if it was possible to pay via paypal or bank transfer.

  • Franco Sponchiado commented
    3 Aug, 2023 09:25am

    Hi we need other payment methods bank wire or paypal

  • Ron Edwards commented
    30 Jul, 2023 10:12pm

    It's such a deal breaker... so many clients of ours would love to have an ecommerce project created for them, but in Switzerland it's a big fat MUST to allow bank transfer (payment by invoice) and TWINT! Please open up those restrictions! PLEASE!

  • Martina Mut commented
    24 Jul, 2023 05:10pm

    Please, consider non US webflow users adding more payment options. Thanks you

  • Jan Ostkämper commented
    21 Jul, 2023 08:29pm

    Canceling my Webflow today as there is no possibility to pay via bank transfer nor Paypal support.

  • Patricia commented
    19 Jul, 2023 10:14am

    I'm a student from Germany and I don't have a credit card, but I do use PayPal for all my payments. It's so much easier and accessible to everyone. I would say that in Europe PayPal has overtaken the credit card.

  • Omega Family commented
    3 Jul, 2023 06:28pm

    From the very beginning, this was a desire of many clients of webflow and to this day has just been realized. This is really causing a lot of problems right now in this current era, customers are dropping out because of this and don't want to do business with us anymore, unless I start coming up with another crooked constuction myself. This is really not desirable and hope that you finally solve this in the very short term.

  • Clifford Ray Deutschmann commented
    29 Jun, 2023 02:27pm

    My current client (EU) is very unhappy with the lack of available payment methods.

  • Ulysse Debouny commented
    23 Jun, 2023 08:15am

    2017, this is long overdue Webflow!

  • Rafael De Guglielmo commented
    15 Jun, 2023 08:20pm

    Comon Webflow!!! is Just a checkbox to let the user pay in cash... or manually. and an email template for instructions in config.

  • Zsolt Balogh commented
    31 May, 2023 08:02pm

    I was just about to pay then I realized that there is no PayPal payment option. Really dissapointing.

  • HelpDesk commented
    27 Apr, 2023 08:05pm

    Please add Paypal and / or PAD payments.
    Alot of SMB would like to use PAD rather than a Card.

  • Pascal Perrochon commented
    27 Apr, 2023 07:48pm

    please add Paypal so EU clients don’t have to support added bank fees, thanks!

  • A Z. commented
    15 Apr, 2023 11:25am

    Please add paypal. It would be such a gamechanger.

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