Alternate Billing Payment Methods (Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin)

Many customers, especially in EU countries, do not have regular access to traditional credit card forms of payment.  Bank Giro/Wire Transfer, PayPal and BitCoin support would be awesome!

  • Dave Sloane
  • Jan 18 2017
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  • Kenny Makina commented
    4 Dec 08:47pm

    Five years into this topic and still no alternative payment methods.. I don't want to believe this is done intentional, but it's time to move my business to a platform that wants to accomodate all of its users, big or small, worldwide. Not just big US design agencies.

  • Pro Data GmbH commented
    10 Aug 07:40am

    We are having some trouble including our credit card - it would be less stressful if it was possible to pay via paypal or bank transfer.

  • Franco Sponchiado commented
    3 Aug 09:25am

    Hi we need other payment methods bank wire or paypal

  • Ron Edwards commented
    30 Jul 10:12pm

    It's such a deal breaker... so many clients of ours would love to have an ecommerce project created for them, but in Switzerland it's a big fat MUST to allow bank transfer (payment by invoice) and TWINT! Please open up those restrictions! PLEASE!

  • Martina Mut commented
    24 Jul 05:10pm

    Please, consider non US webflow users adding more payment options. Thanks you

  • Jan Ostkämper commented
    21 Jul 08:29pm

    Canceling my Webflow today as there is no possibility to pay via bank transfer nor Paypal support.

  • Patricia commented
    19 Jul 10:14am

    I'm a student from Germany and I don't have a credit card, but I do use PayPal for all my payments. It's so much easier and accessible to everyone. I would say that in Europe PayPal has overtaken the credit card.

  • Omega Family commented
    3 Jul 06:28pm

    From the very beginning, this was a desire of many clients of webflow and to this day has just been realized. This is really causing a lot of problems right now in this current era, customers are dropping out because of this and don't want to do business with us anymore, unless I start coming up with another crooked constuction myself. This is really not desirable and hope that you finally solve this in the very short term.

  • Clifford Ray Deutschmann commented
    29 Jun 02:27pm

    My current client (EU) is very unhappy with the lack of available payment methods.

  • Ulysse Debouny commented
    23 Jun 08:15am

    2017, this is long overdue Webflow!

  • Rafael De Guglielmo commented
    15 Jun 08:20pm

    Comon Webflow!!! is Just a checkbox to let the user pay in cash... or manually. and an email template for instructions in config.

  • Zsolt Balogh commented
    31 May 08:02pm

    I was just about to pay then I realized that there is no PayPal payment option. Really dissapointing.

  • HelpDesk commented
    27 Apr 08:05pm

    Please add Paypal and / or PAD payments.
    Alot of SMB would like to use PAD rather than a Card.

  • Pascal Perrochon commented
    27 Apr 07:48pm

    please add Paypal so EU clients don’t have to support added bank fees, thanks!

  • A Z. commented
    15 Apr 11:25am

    Please add paypal. It would be such a gamechanger.

  • Anonymous User commented
    27 Mar 06:04pm

    Here is how to easily accept Giropay on Webflow with Stripe Payment Links.

  • Donita Massing commented
    24 Mar 11:55am

    It would remove barriers to secondary education entry if Webflow had a special education portal that didn't require a credit card.

  • Franco Sponchiado commented
    28 Feb 03:57pm

    Wire + Money transfer are necessary

  • Dominic Bilke commented
    6 Feb 08:56pm

    PayPal is absolutely necessary for a modern company.

  • Tobias commented
    3 Feb 01:34am

    I can't believe a company as big and internationally accessed as Webflow has just 1 payment option

    Please at least add paypal!

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