Alternate Billing Payment Methods (Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin)

Many customers, especially in EU countries, do not have regular access to traditional credit card forms of payment.  Bank Giro/Wire Transfer, PayPal and BitCoin support would be awesome!

  • Dave Sloane
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Mendel's Peas commented
    9 Jul 06:45pm

    Please add PayPal. It's very difficult for startup companies to get approved for a credit card, there are many hurdles.

  • Katia Krupchenko commented
    4 Jul 09:46pm

    Please add PayPal

  • Kalyan commented
    30 Jun 03:53pm

    This would be very helpfull for everyone so please support Paypal!!

  • Mika de Bruijn commented
    29 Jun 02:28pm

    Please, PayPal or IBAN. I have loads of clients lined up for Webflow, all not willing to pay with credit card tho...

  • Pixell Consulting commented
    29 Jun 01:05pm

    Omise please! One of the best payment platforms in Asia.

  • Mud commented
    25 Jun 08:27pm

    Add Pay Pal ...

  • Daan Visser commented
    25 Jun 01:13pm

    Yess please!

    Getting access to a simple online payment method such as PayPal would make life a lot easier:

    It's quite a pain to pay for a subscription, as most companies offer none or little accessible methods for Europe.


    Getting a creditcard is not very accessible over here (in NL).


    NL (/many European) banks do not support the same debit card systems.

    So even if a debit card method is available, it is probably not available in Europe/NL.


    Pre payed credit cards are quite a hassle to deal with:

    - Finding a pre payed creditcard platform that is available and getting it set up.

    - Not knowing if this card will be accepted until you try to pay for the service.

    - Having to do extra actions for each payment. Just to work around the absence of something that just works proper.

    - Dealing with extra administration of your yearly finances.

  • Andreas Jauss commented
    23 Jun 10:30am

    I would love to use your hosting and e-commerce features, but I can not pay them with the same credit card I used for my membership. For that reason Paypal woul be a big help. I know many other guys that have similar issues, so you are loosing money, guys.

  • Hugleidys Ortega commented
    22 Jun 02:39am

    Please! We need PayPal as paymenth method.

  • JubeeJoy commented
    19 Jun 12:21am

    Cryptocurrency - For alternatives to fiat | Paypal - For non credit card users

  • Suhail Amar commented
    16 Jun 08:02pm

    Please add Paypal as a payment method. At least for annual payments.

    I've been following this topic on webflow on different threads since 2015.

  • Mark Smit commented
    16 Jun 09:05am

    I'm just starting out as a freelance designer and my income isn't that high yet. If I want to apply for a creditcard I need to have a minium amount of income (which I don't have yet).

    I now work with a free account and if I want to export the code I transfer the project to a friend with a pro account and export the website. It is really enoying and being able to pay with paypal or some other payment method would be awesome!

  • Francis Ginter commented
    15 Jun 10:01am

    I would sign up tonight if I could use PayPal...sold!

  • Kenneth commented
    12 Jun 08:50am

    Come on webflow it’s 2020 moving forward PayPal should have been an option from the get go🙏🏾🙂

  • Roger McDonald commented
    9 Jun 03:06pm

    I would absolutely love to be able to use my PayPal Credit to pay for this, as I use it for a lot of business costs and it's nice to have it all in one place.

  • Lindy van Biezen commented
    8 Jun 08:28am

    Yes, I really need to be able to pay for my account via PayPal!

  • Adam commented
    2 Jun 02:14am

    Why isnt this solved yet ...

  • Pablo Guidi commented
    27 May 07:33pm

    Guys, this is a MUST! Argentina has a +30% fee for credit cards, meaning I end up paying extra every month for my webflow account - just add paypal please - I had to cancel my subscription.

  • Andreas Jauss commented
    21 May 01:36pm

    please add paypal and I will start to host stuff with you! Promise!

  • Timo commented
    20 May 09:47am

    Please add PayPal.

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