Derived Fields in Collections

I think it would be useful to add support for derived fields in collections.

I'm imagining it could work similarly to Excel where you can reference a cell, or group of cells, to use in a function.


The use case I want to use it for is calculating points for a sports league website. I would like to be able to use the formula `points = wins * 2 + ties` rather than having to calculate this manually. Also would like to do this for summing games played: `gamesPlayed = wins + losses + ties`.

I can see this being useful for other cases as well such as summing the number of posts for a blog.

  • David Leger
  • May 26 2018
  • Reviewed
  • Christian Nahas commented
    25 Mar, 2020 04:45pm

    I'd love to use this to create dynamic visual data like graphs.

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