Linking to Anchors or Sections in other pages

 Link to a section in another page, without using the 

Not having to change all the test link addresses before launch. A designer wants to see that all works before publishing a page, and not test, change all links( one hope) and then launch.  

  • Sharthan Simoons
  • Jun 10 2018
  • Nikitia Maul commented
    17 Mar 01:11pm

    Why on earth is this not implemented yet? This seems like the most basic of ideas to add to a link. If I want to add a link from my home page to my Contact Me section on my About page, I should not have to hard-code it in as an external URL.

  • Francien Mels commented
    25 Jun, 2023 05:18am
    It is on the list for five years! What's the status?
  • Thomas Lynch commented
    23 Aug, 2020 01:05pm

    Guys, this idea is a MUST, but has already been added to the wish list before. Please refer to this wish: Link to section/anchor on a different page

    It's better if we unify the votes into one same wish instead of dividing the.

    If any one knows how to merge wishes, that would be great.

  • Jake Spirek commented
    3 May, 2019 07:27pm

    Please add this! I am constantly working with this and it's annoying to work with when working on the staging site!

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