Allow client's more control

Give clients more control over Redirects, site backups, SEO, integrations and custom code!

People are asking for control over these things, and I'm always the one to have to do it!

  • Scott Krieger
  • Jun 15 2018
  • Dwaiter commented
    07 Jan 19:44

    I second this, maybe allow the designers the ability to toggle on certain features/privileges per site allowing more freedom and customization to be done in the client editor (for the creative/technical clients).


    Maybe even restricted designers-like customization within the tab view of the editor.

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    July 27, 2018 21:44

    SEO control is already available through the CMS Editor.  However, redirects, site backups and custom code should still be left to the designer since all of these things require technical knowledge.

    - Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

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