Support for CSS calc()

  • Matthew Sanderson
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Sturm Bernhard commented
    22 Oct 04:31pm

    Dear webflow: you have given us CSS-vars, now it's time for the calc(). I struggle every day because of this missing feature.

  • Andrew Ashton commented
    24 Sep 08:55am

    Its really needed - seems simple but would be a big improvement.

  • Stevie Griffin commented
    18 May 04:26pm

    This is common CSS that is significantly needed and used for modern responsiveness.

  • Tony Peacock commented
    1 Mar 01:03am

    How many votes does a feature need to have before it gets on the roadmap?

  • Harald Peters commented
    7 Dec, 2022 09:21am

    Pleeeeaaase ;)

  • Nima Koucheki commented
    29 Sep, 2022 11:53am

    Very needed

  • Javier Castañeda commented
    9 Aug, 2022 02:29pm

    In need

  • Bryan Funk commented
    30 Jun, 2022 03:25pm

    In need

  • Jose Montoto commented
    28 Jun, 2022 01:25am

    yup - need it

  • Dylan Colby commented
    28 Apr, 2022 04:25pm

    NEED this

  • Boris Périsset commented
    18 Nov, 2021 03:47pm

    it would be sooo nice. The „hack“ now is a bit annoying - even if it‘s working

  • Colin Simmons commented
    28 Oct, 2021 12:11am

    Where is this on the roadmap? Has this been addressed anywhere?

  • Caroline commented
    29 Sep, 2021 09:30am

    would be absolutely helpful !!!

  • Egil Eskilsson commented
    22 Jul, 2021 04:06am

    Yes, it can't be that hard to make it possible to write an expression in the text-box and then recognize it as an "calc" function, off-course the user have to have knowledge about the calc-function to use it.

  • Michael Musch commented
    3 May, 2021 12:18am

    Still needed...

  • Jonatan Rønsholdt commented
    9 Mar, 2021 04:18pm


  • 우진 안 commented
    3 Jan, 2021 04:43am

    Why hasn't it been applied yet?

    I think it's slow to reflect due to the legacy of the parser part. Please let me know if you need any help.

  • Patrick Geider commented
    29 Oct, 2020 11:44am

    Please could someone explain why this is not supported yet?

  • Raz Karl commented
    30 Sep, 2020 06:58pm

    I'm more anxious about the jokes your professor will make in the instruction video about this than for the feature itself

  • Tejus Kabadi commented
    23 Aug, 2020 11:54am


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