Support for CSS calc()

  • Matthew Sanderson
  • Jan 18 2017
  • Tejus Kabadi commented
    23 Aug 11:54


  • Max Schmitz commented
    19 Aug 12:34


  • Elliot Roberts commented
    07 Aug 20:08

    Would find this very helpful right now

  • Святослав Есехин commented
    03 Aug 11:26


  • Brad Harris commented
    07 Jul 17:26

    Would love to see this

  • Tyler Donahue commented
    20 Jun 21:17


  • Strategisch ontwerpbureau JA! commented
    09 Jun 18:38

    Please :)

  • Erika Jovkov commented
    28 May 13:13


  • Catherine Bui commented
    01 May 23:26


  • Developer Projektionisten commented
    30 Mar 16:02

    Please make it happen :)

  • Tea Teearu commented
    09 Mar 12:34

    I'm constantly writing custom code to use calc!

    Please make this happen... would save me so much time and headaches!!!

  • Lukas Ullrich commented
    06 Mar 12:41


  • Cop First commented
    09 Jan 00:48


  • Dayan commented
    05 Jan 22:22

    For those feeling handicap without calc, try to see if you can figure out a way to do it with the Flex box settings instead. Flex box pretty much covers most common calc functionality you'll need.

  • Alex de la Fuente commented
    December 29, 2019 15:09

    Surprised to find this one 3 years deep with no progress. This one isn't even a simple "nice to have" feature—without the ability to use calc(), the "Style" pane is effectively incomplete. I've even chosen to build some projects outside of Webflow just because the design would require calc(), and knowing the lack of support would cause the buildout to take more time/headache than it's worth.

  • Boris Périsset commented
    November 25, 2019 13:56

    It would be great if it would work live in the designer, when injecting it in custom code.

  • Boris Périsset commented
    November 25, 2019 13:54

    Calc Function for Typography would be awesome. But well. in all of css. (...)

  • Max Sim commented
    July 17, 2019 21:31

    More than a year has passed, but this has not been done !!!

    We are crying...

  • Tyler McGowan commented
    June 11, 2019 22:22

    This would be brilliant, especially directly in the style panel. Just like choosing units, it would be awesome to be able to choose "custom" and then input your own values.

    Loads of use cases, but it would be super helpful for mobile when using viewport units where the browser chrome on first load isn't taken in to account for the calculation, so content can extend lower than intended until the user scrolls.

    Also as Takeaki mentioned... being able to subtract the height/width of fixed elements automatically.

  • Takeaki Yamasaki commented
    May 09, 2019 16:16

    Definitely needed when a header is positioned fixed and you need the height of page sections to be 100vh - headerHeight...

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