Syncing custom code to the editor

Webflow has improved my workflow a lot. But it would improve it double as much if you could sync custom code with the editor and display it. A quick search on StackOverflow precented me with a great Javascript algorithm for reading CSS class values of a stylesheet 1.

You are maybe more focused on designers and no-coders. But I can tell you that to me as a coder Webflow is a great place to start with the front-end. But it would be a must-have tool only if it could properly read CSS values of a stylesheet in to the editor. If you are afraid of intimidating beginners, make it a feature that can be activated under Settings. Add a button for syncing a CSS class with the editor and make a checkbox to show values that are not currently available in the editor.

You do this, and I’m sure the amount of tutorials and reviews on YouTube will double (free marketing).

  • Kevin frostad
  • Jul 8 2018