Offer a pricing policy based on the Brazilian currency. Or even for more countries, price policies on their own currencies.

Different countries, different currency. And different exchanges in relation of the the dolar.

I'm brazilian, and the dollar price change all the time, 'cause various reasons. This provoque a higth level of insecure for invest in a some service that you pay per year in dollar. How much I will pay in the next year? Beyond that, the price of dollar in Brazil, today, is a 4x the currency brazilian money (R$). I think that don't match with the Webflow intention with your political price.

We have a good example with the Wordprees now, They have two princes, for US the basic plan cost $12 and in Brazil it cost R$12.

So, I suggest offer prices more consistent and equivalent with the reality of the country. And not with the fluctuation of the Dollar. This would be very very cool!

  • Carla Olavio vieira
  • Jul 11 2018