Copy and paste trigger (interactions 2.0)

It would be great if we could copy and paste triggers to another element. If I want to have the same interaction on multiple elements I  need to add the trigger choose the saved action (or animation) to both types (eg. hover in , hover out) for every element. It would be much simpler and faster to copy and paste the whole trigger to another element.

  • EQS Design
  • Jul 12 2018
  • Toby O. Rink commented
    24 Jun, 2022 12:20pm

    Yeah that would be great.

  • Ronald Czarnecki commented
    18 Apr, 2020 04:55am

    I see you can not paste page triggers. That would be a good thing to have.

  • EQS Design commented
    1 Aug, 2018 08:38am

    Yes, you're right. Forget this idea ;-) and use "Trigger on all element with the same class"

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    30 Jul, 2018 04:27pm

    You can already reuse interactions:

    - Nelson, Customer Success Specialist

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