Ability to Filter CMS Items by Time (Scheduled Posts)

It would be nice to be able to filter CMS items by time, not just the date, so that we can get closer to fully scheduled posts. Right now, I can only filter by showing items based on "Today." This seems to show all posts for today and earlier regardless of time. Editors need to be able to publish blog posts at specific times. This is control that they are used to with other CMS platforms. It manages visitor interaction throughout the day, enables planning blog post releases with newsletter releases, and allows for review based blogs to adhere to strict embargo rules.

  • Brandon McKay
  • Aug 4 2018
  • Devin Mooers commented
    29 Jan, 2019 07:36pm

    +3 for this. I'm trying to hide products that are reserved in someone else's cart (Ticketmaster-style) for a certain number of minutes or hours, not days.

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