Customisable & self-hosted Video Player

It would be very cool to have a custom video player where self-hosted and/or embedded videos could be implemented inside of Webflow. In addition, the player itself can be changed in its look, like the icons could be replaced or elements could be hidden. 

Example of a nice customisable video player lib:


  • Cédric Moore
  • Aug 15 2018
  • Sunny Yadav commented
    1 Mar 01:30pm

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  • Kjell Ruben S. commented
    20 Aug, 2019 06:05pm

    I don't have any more votes, but this would be a great thing to have! 

    Custom look and feel. 
    Options to change what happens after the video has played. 
      -Start over
      - Show a message
      - Go black. close or redirect
    Change the size as pleased of the video frame. 
    Play on load
    Pause other video playing if another one plays
    And so much more :) 

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