Add file attachment (PDF, PPT, Images, etc) field type to the editor for non-dynamic content!

Consistency for file attachments in the editor for clients would be nice and extremely useful!  I feel like Webflow can sometimes forget about how important these features are for other pages and content too that are not dynamic. 

For example if my client wants to change their Open Graph image on the Home Page or any page for that matter they can't do it. They have the ability to do so on dynamic pages but not on other pages which baffles me. It's just inconsistent. For example I have to explain to clients now, "yes, for blog pages you can change the OG image yourself but for the other pages (like home page maybe) you're going to have to upload that somewhere else and paste the link instead." Lol. 

A client who is paying for hosting $20+/mo in my opinion should have the option to simply upload assets/content through the editor themselves (images, resumes etc.), so the web designer already has the content there (in the assets manager) to work with. It can prolong the workflow going back and forth with a client to email me images and other content to upload for them (through the Designer) when something like this could easily be done by the client through the editor. This is commonly part of the job but now clients/users have these options with dynamic content so all I'm saying is why are we forgetting about non-dynamic content/pages like it's any less important or useful?!

I hope Webflow can add this feature to all sensible areas in the editor!

  • Noah Raskin
  • Aug 23 2018